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Lighting up DOE Philippines with THT-EX AC-in LED solution welcomes the “BER” months with a Bang!

As per our support to the Department of Energy(DOE) Philippines, we have recently donated and installed a number of AC-in LED Lights at the premises of the DOE Headquarters located in Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The lights are intended to give illumination to the signages at the Energy Center Gate & Entrance where the Department’s name and logo are positioned. By choosing the Cool White color temperature, it clearly brought up DOE’s name & logo to be easily recognizable to incoming visitors, commuters, and passers-by, at the same time giving useful light to the road where the usual stream of traffic passes by at night, greatly improving safety at this highly circulated business district.

A Warm White color temperature is used at the Annex Building, providing a delightful feeling and pride to anyone coming in and out of the building. By just simply lighting up the Department of Energy’s name with a golden background, made that particular entrance like a guiding star all throughout the vicinity along with all the dimmed lamp posts that can be seen lighted around the area.

The added lighting significantly accentuated DOE’s presence in the area, being one of the key Departments of the Philippine Government especially in promoting economical and environment-friendly technologies.

We also believe that these lighting installations will help highlight DOE ‘s campaign on Energy Saving with the use of efficient lighting technologies such as LED.

With the use of the THT-EX AC-in LED technology, not only will this help reduce power consumption, but also promote ZERO Maintenance on the luminaire parts for as long as it can be used; now, 50,000 lighting hours is a mere understatement.

No longer would this area become an indistinct and low-lit area at nighttime, but a safe and secure place to walk in without incurring too much cost on power and at the same time, avoiding harm to the environment.

THT-EX will continue to support the DOE Philippines' relentless effort to become a role model in the application of efficient technologies, and contribute greatly to the economic development of the country, benefiting every citizen to achieve that well-deserved and improved environment by simply optimizing and recognizing the technologies available in this generation of ours.

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