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我們將參與展覽,展出最新的AC IN 防爆LED燈具,提供危險環境的照明解決方案與應用。

Please visit us at OSEA 2018, the largest and most established oil & gas industry event in Asia.

We will participate and display the latest Explosion-proof AC LED lighting solutions for hazardous environment applications.


THT-EX provides various IECEx/ATEX/UL certified LED lighting, such as Explosion proof LED Lighting, Explosion proof Tube Light/Linear Light, Explosion proof Emergency Light, Explosion proof Warning Light, Explosion proof High Bay Light, Explosion proof LED Light with IP Camera, Explosion proof Portable Light, Explosion Proof Tank Viewer Lights, Explosion proof Tunnel Light, etc.


Our products are verified by extreme environmental simulation tests with heat resistance, frost resistance, and corrosion resistance. Safe and Reliable!

歡迎蒞臨我們的攤位(1M5-04)瞭解更多資訊,我們將有專業人員為您服務! :)

Please drop by at our booth to know more. We have dedicated persons to service you at the site. :)

展出日期 : 11/27 - 11/29, 2018

展覽地點: Marina Bay Sands, 新加坡

攤位號碼 : 1M5-04

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